Thursday, February 02, 2006

Vacation Awaits

Tomorrow morning, my friend Sean and I will fly to Orlando to visit my brother and his wife, along with my amazing nephew and their two huge labradors. I am so ready to be away for a while. The weather in Orlando looks to be lovely, despite the occasional threat of rain that hangs around (what seems like) the entire state every afternoon.

We're going to ride a bunch of rollercoasters at Universal's Islands of Adventure over the weekend, and then on Monday, Sean and I are driving to Tampa to go to Busch Gardens, where SheiKra lives, a massive 200-foot diving coaster, the tallest of its kind in the world, with more than half a mile of track at 3,188 feet long. By comparison, New Yorkers will probably have ridden the world-famous Cyclone at Coney Island, which is 2,640 feet long. Even geekier stats for SheiKra can also be seen here at the RollerCoaster Database.

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K said...

Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!!

and...give everyone hugs and kisses from me.