Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More Money

New York Magazine succeeded in writing yet another article about rich people, while wrapping it up in what they've diagnosed as an "emerging issue." In this case, Grups: the forty-something cool dude who still dresses like he's twenty-two, and makes his kids listen to The Hives, messenger bags and Death Cab for Cutie also intact.

The post-1992 Alternative scene (once an adjective, now its own category, with a capital A,) has somehow frozen these people in time. But not a time in the past, more on the ever-evolving (yet never really evolving) cusp of coolness--at least according to their own circles.

These coolest-on-the-block kids (with the impeccably-sloppy Grup parents) will probably grow up wanting to go to church and become accountants, they'll loathe irony, and when they turn forty themselves they'll lament to their therapists that they never got to be captain of the football team; they never got to have a normal childhood.

I wonder what the Grups thought about the article. Because, if you read between the lines, what they're talking about is basically a new status quo--something I would imagine the Grups assume they've thwarted. They're just more of the middle-class. Plus, of course, money.

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Witold Fitz-Simon said...

hear, hear. Once again, New York magazine manages to make me feel marginalized and inadequate in new and exciting ways.