Thursday, August 10, 2006

Project Podcast

Anyone who's a fan of Project Runway must immediately go to their iTunes and subscribe to Tim Gunn's podcast. Each Thursday, you can hear Tim talk for about thirty minutes about what really happened on the episode you just watched the evening prior.

For example, who would ever have known that (perhaps) the reason that the judges kept Robert Best over Bradley Baumkirchner was because when Robert designed the modernized outfit for Jackie O. that the judges decided she just wouldn't wear, it was Diane Von Furstenburg who came to the rescue, finishing the dialogue about the garment. Tim explains in the most recent podcast that Diane said "I did know Jackie, I knew her very well. And I think she would wear it."

Tim also puts to rest (well, not really) those questions about Bradley's sexuality. Tim assumed he was queer as the day is long -- but when it surfaced that Bradley didn't really know who Cher was, well Tim noted, what kind of self-respecting gay man doesn't know Cher?

Any self-respecting Project Runway fan must also peruse the Store, where you can buy limited edition t-shirts designed by each of the designers, in addition to bidding on the ACTUAL winning (and losing) looks from each episode.

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