Monday, September 18, 2006

Buy the Book!

You can now hold in your very own hands, your very own copy of my new book: Collection. It's a limited edition anthology of essays and excerpts, and you can only get it directly from me or my website It's arty and underground like that.

At the site, you can read the introduction, click around to other parts of my writing life, Paypal over the mere $12, and I'll send you a book, signed just for you!

For those of you who live in NYC: you can also buy the book directly from my very own hands for only $10 Please let me know if you want me to reserve one for you.

Hooray, just what you've always wanted.

1 comment:

Danny said...

Yay! My copy arrived today! Can't wait to dive in.
Thanks for the sweet inscription. It means a lot to me.