Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Preparing for the Holidaze

I have begun work on this year's holiday card. It's sometimes a year-long process, actually. I have been known to create and write the whole thing back in July and then wait to assemble it the first week of December. It's exciting, this one. Although I'm finding some challenges in the construction. No hints. Except that it's text-heavy. Hooray!

Kip and I are already choosing a date for his annual Tree-Trimming party, which, he tells me, is always of historic proportions. I do a card, he does a tree. So we're claiming a Sunday like 5 weeks from now. You have to. Someone claimed another Saturday two week ago. It's a very busy time. Sometimes when November 1 hits, I just want to fast-forward to New Year's. A friend of mine once moved her Christmas party to the third week of January, just so people could attend.

No gifts this year, either. Only some homemade goodies, I think.

I put too much pressure on myself.

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Alexander Chee said...

Well, Happy New Year then.

Don't forget to have fun!