Thursday, December 07, 2006

Just Me (and Cindy) and the Rabbis

I am sitting here, almost 10:00pm, finally eating something since swallowing (nearly blowjob jokes, please) a chicken-something-or-other wrap at about 4:00pm, while en route from one place to another. Those of you who know me, will calculate that six hours is too long for me to go without eating something, before turning into (even more of a) grump. And poor Cindy, she's still at the office. I know because she's sending me emails from there periodically. "Where's the sound permit?" she wants to know. "Who's doing the Literature Table from 4pm-7pm on Sunday?"

No, it's not Circus Amok, no matter how much you want it to be. It's the first inagural Rabbis for Human Rights Conference on Judaism and Human Rights! Cindy is the entire conference coordinator, and I'm just her humble minion. It promises to be a fascinating endeavor--assuming it all comes off, that is. And it will. At some point, things just begin to have their own life and you just swim along behind it. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, about 300 Rabbis and Rabbinic students will talk about human rights issues, and everything that surrounds all of that. I hope to sneak into some of the sessions.

Tomorrow, I'll be at the Greenmarket, where it is supposed to be all of 32 degrees. (Could be worse. I've stood out there in worse.) And so now I just chew my peanut butter sandwhich, lameting that I've run out of Beth's Farm Kitchen Jam (will have to get some more tomorrow,) and instead have to use the high-fructose corn syrup stuff to go along with my high-fructose corn syrup peanut butter left over from our Amok retreat back in August. The stuff never spoils. Right?

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Elana said...

Hey Lee,
Excellent description of the madness. It was so nice to meet you! Come to MV sometime and bring your circus friends.