Sunday, August 19, 2007

In the Adirondacks

The Circus has arrived in the Adirondacks--well, some of us. Various others became hindered by failing fan belts, bad directions, lack of good judgment. But the ones who made it--8 of us so far, ballooning to 16 later in the week, have just had a gorgeous meal of eggplant with mint and garlic, farfalle with pesto, fresh corn that we carried up from NYC's Greenmarket, which we sprinkled with chili pepper and lime juice. Then ginger snaps. I had forgotten how good we ate up here. Actually, I hadn't. It's a joy to come back.

We're here for a period of intensive rehearsal, intensive art making, intensive being together. In the truck are giant gold and purple bees, a giant queen bee dress, gay trucker costumes; it just goes on and on. I won't spoil the rest of it for you... You know, it's the circus.

We return to NYC on Saturday, then the 2007 show--BEE-DAZZLED!!--opens on September 1 in Riverside Park.

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