Friday, August 14, 2009

Things I Keep Meaning to Say

--Sean, I promise I'm getting to the whole "childhood corkboard" stuff. As you well know, I've been inundated with "real work" in the last two months, so I have been lazy about taking photos and, like, putting them into the computer. Are there cameras that just beam the photos into the computer now? Without a cord? I'll have one of those, please.

--Who wants a 3D drawing pad, complete with a pair of glasses? You draw your drawings just like regular on the pad, then look at it through the glasses and shazam! Anyone?

--I'm not normally one of those people who goes on about "OMG, can you believe it's the middle of August already?" But did you realize that, OMG, it's the middle of August already?

--Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking. Watching Kathy Griffins show where she has meetings with Random House has been really interesting. They don't seem to enjoy Kathy's dick/vagina/hymen jokes. Did they forget who they gave a book contract to? I realize that Kathy is most likely turning the volume up for her own show, and thus maybe the Random House people are feeling a bit like their time is wasted...but did they really not laugh at Kathy's desire to put a picture of her flipping to major birds on the cover? And did the designer really say "It might not play well in Wal-Mart in Kansas." Who do they think her audience is? Why are they always so serious?

--Publishing things makes writers happy. There, I said it.

--Some books are just not for me.

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