Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What Reviewers Have to Say About the South Williamsburg Post Office

--"I just moved to the area and I ship hula hoops folded in half, never had a problem.. until this horrible place."

--"She completely gave up on me."

--"After a 2 hour goose chase, My package did NOT get sent and I left the post office in tears."

--"Long lines, incompetent staff... I'd rather just take the packages to China myself."

--"This really is the worst post office ever. to top off every bad experience i have had there (and they all have been) they were closed an hour early this evening for no reason.

--"Avoid this post office at all costs."


--"This place is hell, they never have forms, is filthy, and they blast trash TV to "distract" people from their mess."

--"I almost got jumped by two women in this post office about 4 years ago, now I cannot get them to forward my mail to a new address, it must be in a gigantic pile there somewhere."

--"This post office is THE WORST."


Jane Kokernak said...

This is like the extreme version of the usual P.O. problems!

Funny, though, recently I went into a post office that I don't normally visit, in Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood of Boston. OMG, it was such a wonderful experience, that I immediately wanted to write a letter to someone (but who would I write to?). It was clean and organized, the line moved quickly, and the clerk who helped me was warm and helpful. Not only that, three clerks behind the counter were friendly and helpful to each other, which made for an uplifting experience.

All that would have made it better was an attached cafe. Seriously.

your mom said...

We've heard that our PO is closing at the end of October. So sad. One man who works there has his beautiful African violets sitting on the countertops, sharing them with customers who admire them all day. When I go there a few times a year to send packages to you, he always asks me how my New York son likes it up there and then proceeds to tell me how much better he likes it down here.