Monday, June 21, 2010

As Featured In

Many months ago, they made a movie called "The Backup Plan" with Jennifer Lopez. In it, she is a single lady who falls in love with a cheese farmer. And this cheese farmer sells his cheese as a farmer's market that, at least in the film, is a Hollywood-looking version of the Union Square Greenmarket. Deep Mtn. Maple, whose farm I work for, sent dozens of empty bottles to be filled with tea, or some other brown liquid, so that the maple syrup stand in the film--this is supposed to be the Northeast, remember, not a California backlot--would look real. This attention to subtlety would give the film's audience an almost unconscious sense of place. Or maybe it would be totally unconscious, since this is as much screen time as we got: (See that yellow tent behind JLo that says "Deep Mountain?")

Interestingly, or perhaps not interestingly, there is also a shot of this stand.....Northeast farm fail.


Jason said...

What is the ratio of people who like J-Lo movies to people with an astute knowledge of agricultural geography?

Either way....I agree. Fail.

Jessica said...

um this reminds me of that time i asked you whether the greenmarket sold coffee. also fail.