Friday, September 09, 2005

The Age of Data

Someone in Elk River, Minnesota visited by blog for one minute and thirty four seconds yesterday after having performed a search on MSN for "where do I put my hands on the piano." A link to me was returned because of this post, in which we talk about hands in the comments, and of course, the name of my blog popped up from the word 'piano.' And on August 31, someone in Niles, Illinois visited the same post -- this time for only 7 seconds -- after having performed a Google search for "short stubby fingers."

I think of those TV shows you see where the boats dump hoards of teeming fish onto the deck. Even though they're casting for mackerel, they catch everything else along with it.

Were these people confused by my post? Annoyed at the proliferation of amateur information-farmers, who fill up search results with musings on the culture? Or was seven seconds all this person in Niles needed to learn everything he cared to about short stubby fingers?

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Witold Fitz-Simon said...

Someone just visited my site having done a search for "Brazil-export-business-dark-chocolate."

And my site came up in 7th place on yahoo, which is perhaps weirder.