Thursday, November 17, 2005

Joan Wins!

Joan Didion was awarded the National Book Award last night for her illuminating work of non-fiction The Year of Magical Thinking. As if there were any doubts.

"There's hardly anything I can say about this except thank you," Joan said, and then thanked Knopf, her publisher, having been glad to be asked to pursue "something that was not exactly anything but personal and that it would work."

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Your mom said...

I watched the BookTV taped program last night and was saddened by Ms. Didion's fraility, visible exhaustion, and general malaise. She was led away as if she were confused by where she was, similar to the coaxing used for old folks who need more than a little convincing about what to do next. I hope 2006 is a year of recovery and brings her some measure of peace and the ability to regain her stamina after suffering such catastropic losses. More importantly, I hope that she felt the presence of John and Quintana.