Friday, December 02, 2005

On Being Mistaken

I woke up this morning thinking that, perhaps, it had not happened. Your body can--literally--memorize another person, unconsciously. And it precipitates into actions: dailing the phone number without thinking about it; making mental lists about what to say to them when you see them next. And, of course, as sad as you are, the one person you want to talk about that with....well, the option does not present itself.

What helps:
-Music (some music, not all music)

What doesn't:
-Food (everything tastes the same right now)

But before all that, before NPR started yapping in my ear at ten to eight on my alarm clock like it always does--why do I listen to commentary about whatever inane thing the President did the day before so early in the morning?--I got up around four having to pee.

My mother, more than a year ago, sent me a Halloween-ish box which included two Ring Pops, these being the sort which contain a tiny battery in the "setting" and a little LED that blinks, lighting up the candy.

I was suddenly confused by the orange flickering on the end table, thinking it was a candle that I had perhaps forgotten to blow out. Then when I realized that three days ago I had eaten this blinking, light-up novelty of a sucker--and here it was still plugging away--I just laughed.

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