Monday, January 23, 2006

Lost and Found

The MTA is running a new ad campaign called "Lose Something on the Subway or Bus?" Several of the items appearing in the campaign I find peculiar. Apparently, people often lose track of their:

-wrapped gifts
-balls of yarn
-computer mouses
-king cobras
-prosthetic limbs


adam said...

The best part of those ads are that they give you a number to call to get your stuff back. In case you really cant live without your open tin can or (my personal favorite) the cupcake you left on the M103 crosstown bus.

Your mom said...

Notice, however, that they don't include taxis in the list of places from which lost items might be reclaimed. I once left a whole carry-on bag in a NY taxi, and the only recourse I got from them was that I could go to some lost-and-found depository sequestered in an area of NY that was accessible only by helicopter. Well, that's what the answer sounded like, anyway.