Monday, February 12, 2007


Thanks to the new Blogger, I have added labels to all the previous posts. It's the kind of thing that I'd like to do to my entire life: categorize, divide, make sense of the chaos. For example, if I happen to sit down at someone else's computer and start pouring through their iTunes, and it's not exactly the way it dammed should be, with blank spaces and inconsistent genres, I just about want to kill them. Or spend the next seven hours fixing everything. Track numbers and the correct album names, etc.

Posts can now carry a tag like "fabulousness," "greenmarket," "art-making," "movies," "joan," (as in Ms. Didion,) and a bunch of other stuff. Blogger tells me that I've labeled the majority of the posts with "writing," "NYC," and "fabulousness," which should give you some idea about what I do here most of the time. Strangely, "cats" and "sex" appear quite infrequently.

If you click on any of the tags you will be taken to a new page that shows only posts, and all posts, that relate to that tag. Got it?

Also -- the dentist this afternoon was fine. Success, if you want to call it that. So now this post also carries the labels, "medical adventures" and "ambiguous."


Your librarian mom said...

Actually, what Blogger has realized is that subject headings are extremely useful in organizing information so that it can be retrieved more readily and logically, and that this organization becomes increasingly necessary as the amount of information expands. Librarians do this in multiple ways--card catalogs, online catalogs, metadata on websites, sticky notes, etc. However, problems may arise in the meanings of words and how those meanings differ from one person to another. And, of course, there is the spelling issue. You misspelled the "obsessions" label, which must then be misspelled each time in order to retrieve all items attached to that tag. But do you really want that word to be misspelled that many times? Best to correct it before too many more entries require fixing. Spelling is an obession of mine!

Lee Houck said...

spelling has been corrected. how bizarre of me to make such a mistake! I am mortified.