Friday, February 02, 2007

Sync or Swim

Dear loyal GrammarPiano readers,

My amazing friend Cheryl Furjanic (creator of the glamorous (and infamous) BarTalk and P.R.I.I.D.E. shorts) is making a huge push to raise $15,000 to complete her newest documentary feature, Sync or Swim.

Sync or Swim is the first-ever behind-the-scenes documentary about the United States Synchronized Swimming team. This feature-length documentary will shed light onto this lesser-known Olympic sport as it tracks the team's journey to their bronze medal wins 2004 Olympics. The film will lead us through the happiness and heartache of the Olympic trials process, the rigor of synchronized swim training, the creative collaboration behind the choreography and costume design, one swimmer's struggle to overcome a near fatal car accident and the sacrifices that must be made on the road to becoming an Olympic athlete.

You can view the Sync or Swim trailer and watch other clips, here. Cheryl's work is insightful, hilarious, completely glamorous, and I have immense faith in her as an artist (and friend.) If you can, please click on over HERE, and make a donation.

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