Thursday, April 19, 2007


This evening, Kip and Cheryl and I are off to see Patty Griffin at the Beacon Theater. One of my favorite musicians in one of my favorite venues!

Coming up: birthday dinners for Robert and Andrea, my friend Mark from Melbourne is coming to stay with me a for a few days, and then Kip is off to Atlantis in the Bahamas with his brother for a long weekend. Add in all these meetings and ticket tracking for GLAMOK!, the upcoming Circus Amok benefit on May 21, and sheesh, when does a guy have a moment to relax?

My agent emailed with another round of rejections--which is actually good news, or at least I can take a positive perspective on it--because two years ago, I was rejected by nobody. Nobody had even read the novel, and the feedback I'm getting isn't totally horrible, though nobody's clammoring down my door offering me a contract.

Still, I whittle away slowly on this new monster. One word at a time.

Witold and I saw The Reaping, which was, in some ways, the best movie I've seen since December. I knew exactly what I was buying a ticket for: satanic cults, biblical ridiculousness, cliched plot twists, and Hilary Swank giving the Look Of Wonder a lot. (PS, Laura Dern totally has the Look Of Wonder trademarked.) Thus, it was great.

And I just ran into Stephen Daldry on the street corner. He's in pre-production on The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay.

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anything but poetry said...

I was at this concert...Too bad we haven't met or we could have said hi!