Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Magical Thinking

I've been reading all the reviews of Joan's play, The Year of Magical Thinking. I actually pretty much agree with all of them. Even the ones who focus on the failings of the production--and I think there are several large failings--tend to get the bigger idea, and none of them are completely offended, for example, as they were with The Pirate Queen. Ben Brantley started out his review of that show by saying: "Many and exhausting are the physical activities that occupy the long hours of “The Pirate Queen,” the loud and restless musical that opened last night at the Hilton Theater." He later referred to the "stage-bruising" choreography.

Ms. Redgrave, the consensus seems to be, is the wrong actor for the part. The subject matter makes a book, not a play. Grief is a personal journey, and doesn't make for theatrical pathos. Though we can't imagine why it wouldn't.

Brantley called "Magical Thinking" "arresting yet ultimately frustrating." He's right. Oh well. What can you do?

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