Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Literary Queers Paint Town Pink, er, Purple, uh, I mean, Drunk

Rob & Ted, the editors of the shit-kickingest anthology, From Boys to Men, were in town over the weekend for (among other things) the Lambda Literary Awards, where the anthology was nominated. (We lost to Love, Bourbon Street, an anthology about Gays/New Orleans/Katrina, which is a good book to lose to, if you have to lose.)

Kip and I had planned to meet them for beers at the Dugout--which quickly turned into beers at the Dugout, followed by a walk/limpish gay run in the pouring rain to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame, where we had a shot of tequila, margaritas and a very un-weight-watchers-friendly dinner. I had the crackermeal catfish, which was fabulous. Plus a bit of the gluey (but still good) rice and the broccoli which served as the accompaniments.

Curtis was also there, who I know from my days long ago with Jason, and it was nice to spend some actual time with him--the last time I saw Curtis he was running through the Greenmarket to somewhere. Also with us was Vestal McIntyre, a writer also in From Boys to Men, and the author of You Are Not the One. Vestal instigated the tequila at The Cowgirl. But he is fabulous. And lovely, and funny, etc.

Then we ended up at The Eagle.

Ted wrote in his post about the evening, "We saw some amazing, somewhat unpleasant couplings," and I think that's the best way to describe what we witnessed. We also talked about some crazy-ass-shit that you might do if, say, given large amounts of cash. $10,000 kinds of things. There were other dollar amounts thrown around, other crazy ideas, but I have forgotten them. $10,000 might be a lot of money--but I'm not telling you what one would have to do to earn this money. (It might be less, in reality. How can one know such a thing?)

I so rarely "go out" anymore--what with my seventeen jobs and, oh yeah, that novel I'm trying to write--so this was especially awesome evening.

Some kind of night, right?

(PS - I stole the pics from Ted.)


parting the seams said...

the dugout and the eagle all in one night. jealous!

rob said...

oof, i'm gonna kill ted. i did NOT give approval for the drunken, sweaty, greasy picture of me (the second one--the first one i look pretty good).