Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer Mix Tape, 2007

Summer summer summer! Click to download!

1 - Spritz!!! Spritz!!! -- Minus the Bear
2 - If You Can't Say Love -- Visionaries
3 - This Ain't No Beach Party -- Cruiserweight
4 - No Ordinary Love -- Deftones
5 - Stop Acting Like You Know More -- Peachcake
6 - Give Me Every Little Thing -- The Juan MacLean
7 - Back in the Day -- Erykah Badu
8 - Belleza -- Charanga Cakewalk
9 - Cha Cha Cha -- Jimmy Luxury
10 - One Evening (VV Mix) -- Feist
11 - In My Arms -- Mylo
12 - Pin Your Wings -- Copeland
13 - Lotion High -- Greenskeepers

You can make yourself a CD insert with this cover I made--the photo is from the miserably hot F Train platform on 23rd Street.

See how good I am to you.


gjc said...

so good? the cover link is broken!

Lee Houck said...

It works now, jerkface.

rob said...

the cover is awesome.
but i don't know who any of these artists are? might i suggest debbie gibson, expose, the Jets...

oh wait, I think i've heard of Erykah Badu. Doesn't she put a period between her two names? i think i've heard of Feist--didn't she go by Pink before? Maybe Mylo, too, isn't she married to Phil Donohue?

Are these real artists?

belky said...

belky said...

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