Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Favorite Music!

-Hurricane, by Grace Jones
-Broken Hearts & Maladies, by The Aeroplanes
-Rearrange Beds, by An Horse
-Shop of Wild Dreams, by Jessica Lurie Ensemble
-Shake Away, by Lila Downs
-Todo Cambia, by Slovo
-Three Flights from Alto Nido, by Greg Laswell


Anonymous said...

I want you to write a poem from the twenty words in those song titles.

I also want to know what's up! Freaking out, saying YAY to self, getting excited, calming down, getting excited... are you pregnant? Adopting a panda? Retiring to Florida?

Anonymous said...

Hey! Could you please upload the Jessica Lurie album to mediafire or rapidshare please? I have no opportunity to buy and listen it now... Thanx!