Sunday, March 01, 2009

Some Things I Noticed on Friday and Saturday

--It is impossible to pack, at the end of February, for: 1) inter-borough subway travel, 2) a night out in Manhattan, and 3) three days in Orlando, including a Disney day, all in the same suitcase. At least, any of the suitcases that I own, and/or want to carry.

--If you have a chance to watch the police dust your vehicle for fingerprints, DO. First, they ask you cool questions, then they brush the dust everywhere, and they say totally CSI-ish stuff like "The DA won't prosecute from an external vehicular print, even if it's a known offender." Then, when you say things like "Well, I guess that's a good thing, in the end," the cops will look at you, then look at each other, roll their eyes and say "yeah."

--Now that I have had some (self-measured) level of writerly success, I can honestly say I am so glad that I'm the age I am now, am able to process, and have a wider perspective on it all.

--I like Bernadette Peters.

--I don't like the ramen noodle restaurant on 14th Street, although everyone I was with sucked up their dinners like kuh-raz-ee. Was that supposed to be pork? It was sort of like meaty cardboard sponge. Gross.

--Remember to get your credit card out of the machine when you leave the Kinko's. They will hold it for you, but you still have to go back and get it.

--Giving a cat a pill is THE WORST.

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