Monday, August 15, 2005

Teaser Trailer

We never meant to hurt anyone. I don't think we did hurt anyone. Everyone who signed on knew what they were in for. They chose this; don't forget that. You don't know how important our work was to these people. They would have done anything.

There has been a lot of discussion, a lot of attention paid to whether or not what we did was right. But I think that question can only be answered by the people we were able to help, and there were dozens who recovered what was lost.

Memories are vast and strange, they often read like a foreign language, even to ourselves. Mapping and recording this part of the human experience is slow and sometimes painful, yes. And there is a learning curve, yes. At times we thought it was impossible. But we were wrong in that regard.

It is possible.

Could I have a glass of water? I'd appreciate it if you could turn the fan on too, please. It's warm in here, is it not? Well, no matter. Leave it then.

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