Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Year of Unending Poems

The Magnetic Poetry Calendar with my poem inside arrived today. It looks great. Inside the box was also a letter from Becky Hickel, a member of their product development team (and a wonderfully kind lady who leads you to believe that everything they say about Minnesotans is true,) who wrote:

Hello 2006 Calendar Poets!

Here are your complimentary copies of the Magnetic Poetry 2006 Calendar in which your poem appears. Congratulations! Have a great year of basking in the limelight and keep on writing!

In 2006, it will surely be November all year long in my apartment, since that's the month in which my work is featured. My friend Laura commented that I seem to be amassing an eclectic list of pop-culture-y credits. I suppose that's true. You can get your own calendar here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lee, do I get a calendar? I'll pay for one. Foster

P. S. Here is a little correction from a former English instructor. You make a grammatical error that hundreds of people do, unless the rules have been changed.

FOR YOU AND I is always wrong.

You would never say "for I," were you not using a compound object of preposition.

Take care, love, Foster