Saturday, August 06, 2005


I am off to St. Augustine Beach, Florida with my family and my boyfriend tomorrow. This morning we packed our luggage, bought dried fruit, nuts and sweets from Sahadi's, and I made my way back to Queens on the Subway in order to work a little bit on Yield, which I both did and didn't. The last few pages are impossible today, so frustrating that I am spreading them out over several hours, meddling with the bookshelves, the fridge, this blog even, anything to keep from sitting here and writing.

Somtimes I am completely undisciplined: I watch movies, turn over my Netflix queue, download music, write emails, play with the cats, nap, organize something, thumb through my favorite cookbook. But it somehow gets done.

And what I most love about living in New York, is that you can't wait to get out of the city, and then when you return, you're always so glad to be back.

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