Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ken Park

I snapped at my boyfriend on Saturday for no reason. I can be snappy at times, but I've usually got some rationale for it; this was simply uncalled for. Further evidence that grief puts you completely out of your mind, so that often you wake up feeling like a stranger. It's like a morning fog that never burns off.

Last night I finished watching Larry Clark's much-hated, and wrongly-vilified second film "Ken Park," which is unavailable on DVD and was never released commercially*. It's not terrible, not boring and not over-done. It's a nice blend of what seems to be almost documentary-style footage of teenagers sitting around doing nothing -- smoking cigarettes, bitching about their parents -- and yet the conversation will turn, suddenly the writing becomes measured and calculated. It's good screenwriting.

*Ken Park is decidedly not for everyone.

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