Monday, May 29, 2006

BBQ in Crestwood, and other things.

Yesterday several of us took the Metro-North up to Crestwood to have a Memorial Day BBQ at my friend Chris Cerasi's childhood home. Perhaps the highlight of the trip--not including, of course, the grilled meat items and Kip's potato salad--was Chris's mother announcing, after trying to figure out which one of her children had made a desultory comment about something many years ago, "It was probably you, since you're so critical." It was the kind of situation where you learn everything you ever will need to know (or previously considered) about your friend from meeting his parents.

On Friday night we saw X-Men: The Last Stand, along with a theater full of other geeks. (For anyone who's not seen it yet, stay until the very end, until all the credits are me.) After, we all chose our own mutant powers, mine being the ability to become instantly shower fresh. And, of course, to be able to make others shower fresh, something we've all wished for here in NYC.

Today I'm of to a rehearsal for a parade, which will kick off the River to River Festival. Later in the festival, Ricky Skaggs will be performing, along with film screenings of Barefoot in the Park and Rear Window (among others,) as well as many other arty-farty things to do--all of them for free.

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