Friday, May 05, 2006

Velveeta, ahoy

Dr. Marcella Meyer, a Kraft Foods shareholder, recently proposed that Kraft withdraw their sponsorshop of the 2006 Gay Games VII, in addition to any other activity which supports the homosexual lifestyle. The proposal was rejected by 99 percent of the company's shareholders, according to

Dr. Marcella's bizarre logic stated that Kraft would be legally liable if the participants and attendees "experiment with homosexual encounters and later develop a series, even fatal, illness." Read: When they come here and give each other AIDS, we want to be as far away as possible.

Marc Firestone, who is the executive VP-corporate counsel and also corporate secretary for Kraft, sent a memo to employees last May underscoring their support of the Gay Games--and subsequently, of gay people, unlike Dr. Marcella. The memo read, "Diversity makes us a stronger company and connects us with the diversity that exists among the consumers who buy our products."

So, two things. First, call Kraft Foods (800-323-0768) and tell them that you support their stand on the Gay Games....haven't they heard enough from the right-wing idiots? And then run out to the store and stock up on Velveeta, which you know you want to do.

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nakedbride said...

reading this makes me love you. anyone who can so openly embrace velveeta is a kindred spirit.

p.s. you have a good editor, no?