Wednesday, May 31, 2006

They Did What?

They made a record of remixes of Gustavo Santaolalla's theme "The Wings" from Brokeback Mountain. Apparently, the gays needed a 10-minute club mix. Actually, they needed five of them. When I heard about the record, I immediately thought it was some SNL joke which got out of hand. But no, here it is:

I can't help but imagine that the same people who have written this in response to the majority of negative reviews on iTunes--"Now you naysayers, PLEASE STAY HOME AND DO NOT GET YOUR CHUBBY BODIES ANYWHERE NEAR A DANCEFLOOR"--are the same people who, when I saw the movie, laughed out loud when the actors got either intimate, or even vaguely naked. When I hear gay men talk about Brokeback, I still wonder if they saw the same movie that I did.

I guess if we want to dance the night away to an anthem of homophobia, lost love and self-hatred--which is what Brokeback Mountain is really about--then here we have several to choose from. I listened to the remixes; they seem to have left out that part where Jack Twist gets beaten to death with a tire iron, and Ennis del Mar gets to live the rest of his life wondering what could have been different.

And as for not getting my chubby body anywhere near a dancefloor, let me only say this: You have nothing to worry about.

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