Sunday, October 14, 2007

To-Do List

For the coming months, in no particular order:

--Kara Walker at the Whitney.
--Young Frankenstein on Broadway.
--50 new pages.
--Invite people for dinner.
--Learn to make that 30-minute mozzarella.
--Thin out the library a bit.
--The Wooster Group's Hamlet at the Public.
--Me and Kip vacation in Utah for a week in November. (YAY!)
--Ship in a View with Andrea @ BAM.
--Kiki & Herb @ Carnegie Hall!!

I'm so lucky.

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your librarian mom said...

I spent part of the weekend thinning out my library a bit, too, but all I really did was move some books from one place to another. I'm on a twelve-step program to eliminate my book-accumulation habit, and that is step 1.