Thursday, October 04, 2007

Top Chef

I was briefly--very briefly--on the Bravo series Top Chef the other night. One of the challenges involved shopping at the Greenmarket, and in this shot, if you look carefully, you can see me, bearded and standing there, in the background.

The season was somewhat un-exciting, as I remembered the chefs involved in the challenge that day, and so I knew that at that point, whenever it was--this guy, this one, and that woman--they would be the ones left. But I still love the show.

Here's a better look:

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rob said...

You are a star! I love the expression on your face (especially in the close-up). Were you thinking about character? About what your motivation was? Were you nervous? Your body language and expression look so natural, as if you have been performing on film like this for years. Wonderful!