Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Here's what happened today:

1) On my way to work, the V train got fucked up and went over the E line.
2) I went to visit a dear friend in the loony bin at St. Vincent's hospital. The forreal loony bin. He was not well, but is getting better.
3) On my way home there was a "temporary loss of power" on the entire Queens Blvd. corridor subway lines and I had to walk to the N train.
4) On my way to the N train, there was an ambulance parked on the corner. Into the back, they were loading a gurney on which laid a person completely covered by a sheet.
5) I went to the doctor, who told me I had shingles. Now I'm on three different pills.

**Update: The shingles are getting better. Thank god for pills. Still hurts like fucking hell, but, as the nurse told me, "The pain pills are working, though you may think they are not. That's how bad it hurts if you don't take them."


rob said...

mr. you need a vacation.
come out to sunny san diego!
where the boys are tan and the
beach is, uh, sandy...

hang in there!

Howard Bannister said...

Oh, man...

What an awful day. Feel better soon, hon.

ted said...

Dude, that's a BAD day. Sorry about that. What kind of shingles? Cedar or tar?

your mom said...

If these are the worst things that ever happen to you, then you will be okay.